Monday, February 17, 2014

Tiger Tooth Mountain Resume Service
Robert A. Hall

Bob Hall in front of Tight Tooth Mountain, 1967

I recently retired, due to Pulmonary Fibrosis, from a 41-year professional career, where I was the hiring authority in my office. The first ten years were as a Massachusetts State Senator, the last 31 as a very successful Association Executive. During that time, I reviewed thousands of resumes and cover letters. A crisp, well-written, error free resume often got an interview--if the person appeared to be close to the necessary qualifications and experience. I also sent my resume to well over 200 potential employers as I moved up the career and income ladder. I have also rewritten or created many resumes for friends and colleagues. As a member of the Marine Executive Association, I've often translated resumes for transitioning Marines from military-speak into civilian business language.

On December 23, 2013, I underwent a lung transplant and so far am doing very well. I look forward to returning to productive work, at least part-time. Helping people with resumes seemed like a good way to get back into the workforce, because I'll have to work from home for the near future at least.

I am not looking to become wealthy on this, just to do something productive and be compensated for it at very reasonable rates. You need to understand that resumes are very subjective, like websites, and in the end, you must be comfortable with yours. (You can spend $1M on a website and the next "expert" will say it needs to be redone--that's what they do.)

Below are my rates. If you are unemployed or living like us in genteel poverty in what used to be called "straightened circumstances" (Social Security and retirement savings is rather a change from an executive pay check), I'm willing to work with you to help you. If you pay in oatmeal cookies, however, they must be made with Splenda, as I now have steroid-induced diabetes, so sugar is out.

Rates (If you can provide me information via e-mail in Word):

Review your current resume to see if I think I can help:        Free
Re-write your current resume/cover letter:                             $25/page
            (Less if I only make a few small suggestions.)
Create a resume/cover letter from scratch for you:                 $40/hour
            (This will involve interviews and typing so it can get tedious.)
Mock interviews and interview coaching:                              $50/Session
Other writing projects:                                                            Negotiable
(I have published hundreds of articles, opinion columns, plus some short fiction and poetry. Also, as a hobby, several books with the royalties going to charity.)

More Information

Resume: Robert A. Hall

Books by Robert A. Hall

How to be the indispensable employee. By Robert A. Hall

Contact: Bob Hall     608-285-5929


  1. Comment from a client: "Thanks for reviewing my cover letter and giving me some interview questions. I sent the check. I will email you next couple of days to check on it. Also I want to let you know I was really happy and appreciated your help. I want you to know that if I have any questions I will contact you. --T.Y."

  2. Comment sent me from from a client (and brother Marine): "Thanks Bob for the great job you did with my resume. Your writing talent made my resume concise and direct. I am sure it stood out above the rest. It helped me get the job I wanted. Thank you." --Ken